2009 – Paradox Biennial conference Palermo

2011 – Paradox Biennial conference Cork

2013 – Paradox Biennial conference Granada


A major accomplishment of Paradox to date is the writing of the Tuning Template for Fine Art. In 2006 the Fine Art European Forum was tasked with preparing a Tuning Document for Fine Art by the InterArtesthematic network. The Tuning Document is based on a proforma already employed by a range of subject areas in Higher Education. The proforma includes categories such as: characteristics of the subject; key competencies and Learning outcomes; trends and differences and examples of good practice in learning, teaching and assessment and quality management.

The Tuning Template for Fine Art Higher Education in Europe was written and edited by Bob Baker, (Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland); Paula Crabtree, (Bergen National Academy of Arts, Norway); Tamiko O’Brien, (University of the Arts, London, UK); Simeon Saiz Ruiz, (Universidad de Castilla, La Mancha, Spain) between March 2006 and September 2007. It involved consultation and working group sessions with colleagues at a number of conferences and meetings, including the Paradox working conference in Utrecht in April 2006 and the ELIA biennial conference in Gent in October 2006.