Convenors: Ana Garcia-Lopez, Granada University, Spain & Maia Rosa Mancuso, Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, Italy


‘Art is doing something quite different to science in terms of knowledge, but art is providing us with knowledge nonetheless’ [Herrington]


Terms like ‘knowledge production’, ‘artistic research’ and ‘interdisciplinary practice’ have become common parlance without us always agreeing what they encompass [Hlavajova et al, 2008]. One problem is that we seem to describe knowledge, knowledge production and transfer of knowledge in terms of scientific knowledge that can be measured through observation and experiment. If this is so, can knowledge be found in a work of art? According to some authors, art gives us another type of knowledge: conceptual, moral, aesthetic.

  • How do artists deal with knowledge?
  • What are the relations between knowledge and artistic research?
  • How does this affect an artist’s processes and production?

Contributions to this strand may address some of the following questions or others:

  • Does the notion of knowledge production lead art and art institutions to an increasing “standardization” and “measurability”? [Holert, 2009]
  • Can we assume cultural diversity as a way to respond to the demand of, or for, a diverse knowledge?
  • Do demographic changes in art institutions due to multiculturalism, race, ethnicity, displacement, language and class lead to an extended curricula and learning experiences, a more critical and inclusive pedagogy and institutional policies that offer equality of access and achievement?
  • Does the Ph.D. research model of contributing new knowledge fit art, where there are no definitive answers and the main strength of the research is its ability to question?
  • Do we assume the hybridization of art and research [Foucault, 1971] as now being the constitutive essence of art knowledge?

The conveners are interested in receiving all forms of presentation for this strand, papers, case studies, projects, performances, art-works or workshops.


Keywords: Artistic knowledge, Research, Knowledge production



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