Student Project Poznan

Paradox City Student Project: Reactivating Central Poznan.
31st August – 9th September, Poznań, Poland
Run in conjunction with the PARADOX biennial Conference.


Following on from successful projects in Palermo, Cork and Granada the project brings together MA and practice based PhD students from across Europe for a ten days long residency. Led by artists from Poznan, participants will explore the commercial de-centralization of the city and the changes in the utilization of the urban environment. The city will become the context and stimuli for the making of art work which will be presented in an exhibition that will open during the conference.

Leading artists

PARADOX City Student Project:

Reactivating Central Poznań.
31st August – 9th September 2015, Poznań, Poland.

List of Particiansts (foreign students):
1. Murray Anderson Middlesex University, London / England
2. Mirela Bistran Newcastle University Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne / England
3. Mustafa Boga Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London / England
4. Giles Bunch Middlesex University, London / England
5. Fernando García-Mendez Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Granada), Granada / Spain
6. Kolbrún Inga Gunnlaugsdóttir Söring HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht / The Netherlands
7. Caren Hession Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick / Ireland
8. Ruth Lyons CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork / Ireland
9. Weronika Naskrecka CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork / Ireland
10. Filippo Francesco Montalbano Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, Palermo / Italy
11. Lars Ellefsen Nordby Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo / Norway
12. Anssi Pulkkinen University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki / Finland
13. Tullia La Rosa Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, Palermo / Italy
14. James MC Cann Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
15. Taro Takizawa Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse / USA
16. Mary Vettise The Slade School of Fine Art, London / England
17. Adam J B Walker Chelsea College of Arts, London / England
18. Kim Wilson Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh, School of Art, Edinburgh / Scotland
19. Elizabeth Wright School of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Arts, University of Lincoln, Lincoln / England

List of Particiansts (Polish students – UAP):

1. Przemysław Branas University of Arts, Poznan / Poland
2. Tobiasz Jędrak University of Arts, Poznan / Poland
3. Zofia Cecylia Kuligowska University of Arts, Poznan / Poland
4. Wojciech Ulman University of Arts, Poznan / Poland

The other Polish students

1. Monika Karczmarczyk Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw / Poland
2. Edyta Kowalewska Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk / Poland
3. Robert Kowalski Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice / Poland
4. Piotr Madej Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow / Poland
5. Agnieszka Majewska Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk / Poland
6. Iwo Rachwał Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw / Poland
7. Martyna Rzepecka Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun / Poland
8. Jana Shostak Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw / Poland
9. Łukasz Stylec Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice / Poland
10. Dorota Tylka Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow / Poland

Project assistant:

Elżbieta Wysakowska-Walters University of Arts, Poznan / Poland